Patreon Sneak Peak 2023

Welcome to a Patreon Sneak Peak where we give you access to one of our Patreon episodes for free here in the main feed. It’s a PB&J Short of Season 3 Episodes 1&2 of the Mandalorian. Listen in to all the Patreon only goodness, free here now for your perusal. But if you want to listen in to the next parts of our review of Season 3 of the Mandalorian you’ll need to head over to the Patreon and sign up to be a fan. Won’t you please be a big fan of ours? Pretty please! And thank you!

1 thought on “Patreon Sneak Peak 2023”

  1. Loved the critique – we’ve watched the 4th episode now – so some questions are answered. Mando mans up.
    Maybe they’re jet packs use a nuclear power source 🤔

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