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  • 2024 Sportsball The 3rd June 23, 2024
    Pat and the Fat Man bring you up to date on all things sportsball, although not up to date with the recent Hockey and Basketball news, we do have lots to talk about in football, soccer, baseball, and potentially other sports. But yeah, get ready to listen in to another Sportsball take from expert sportball […]
  • The Sandlot Part 5 June 23, 2024
    Pat and Bruce finally bring the Sandlot home for everyone to enjoy. Listen in as we take you through the way in which the boys finally get out of the pickle, how much a Babe Ruth signed ball is actually worth, and what happened to all of the kids as they grew up and became […]
  • 2024 Sportsball The 2nd June 23, 2024
    We've been out for a little bit, but we have a three-for-one posting to make up for it. First we offer you Sportsballs 2024 the 2nd part - soccer, baseball, hockey, basketball, you name it and Pat and/or Bruce might talk about it. Who's to say what they will talk about in this episode. Find […]
  • The Sandloot Part 4 May 4, 2024
    The kids are now in the biggest pickle they've ever been in. Listen in as Pat and Bruce critique a bunch of kids who try to get a baseball back from a giant dog instead of just knocking on the door and asking the owner to get it back. Erector sets don't work, kids in […]
  • 2024 Sportsball The 1st April 3, 2024
    Pat and Bruce are at it again, coming at you not so live with all things Sportballs 2024. Gotta get ready for the new season, the changes coming down the line in baseball and football, the new no explosions after the fifth period rule, and the drastically crazy no hip swivel tackle. Some of this […]
  • The Sandlet Part 3 March 17, 2024
    Pat and the Fat Man return to the Sandlot, that most wonderful of places in the world, except when it's 105 degrees out and so instead we head to the pool. Listen in as Pat and Bruce talk about the pool scene, followed by several other baseball like scenes where they play on the 4th […]
  • Sportsball 2023 The End March 4, 2024
    Pat and Bruce review most of the football season, along with baseball, some soccer, and some other stuff, probably. You get to see if any of our predictions came true and what the massively changing landscape of the sportsball field looks like, what with all the changes in football, NCAA sports, and baseball.
  • 2023 Sportsball – In Media Res March 4, 2024
    An older episode that I found laying around collecting dust (forgot to post when it was relevant). This episode was recorded in the early-middle of the 2023 Football season. A couple more Sportsball episodes are on the way, you'll get to see how our opinions bear out over time.
  • The Sandal Lot Part 2 January 23, 2024
    Pat and Bruce continue their journey through the childhood classic The Sandlot. Join us as we wax poetic about Dennis Leary's parenting style, and how Smalls is killing them, about the origins of the beast, about how Small's mom posed for very risque photos and is recognized by the kids on the team. Some of […]
  • The Sardlot – Part 1 October 23, 2023
    Pat and Bruce start their next fan chosen movie, The Sandlot. Out of all the baseball movies you could have picked, you picked The Sandlot, well cr&*, I guess we'll have to review it then. Strap in as Pat and Bruce spend the next hour talking about roughly 10 minutes of film time in this […]
  • Sportsball 2023 September 6, 2023
    Welcome to Sportsball 2023. As we head into the Sportsball season, or at least the portion of sportball that we care about, we figured we'd give you a sportball episode to chew on before we get to our new movie, The Sandlot. So sit back and listen in to Pat and the Fat Man pontificate […]
  • Escape from New York 3 August 14, 2023
    And now we come to the end of the movie, and you all are A number 1, Duke of New York for sticking with us over this past month because we have not posted a new episode since June. As we come to the close of the movie, the timer on Snake's wristwatch keeps going […]
  • Boozeball 2023 June 25, 2023
    Taking a break from the super ultra fast paced Escape from New York we are gonna talk about some baseball. New pitch clock, new hit clock, no shift, a minimum of one sacrifice per game, two beers chugged after you round 3rd, and so many more new things discussed in this episode of Pat and […]
  • Escapist from New York Part 2 June 4, 2023
    Snake Blitzen, Blitzken, still trapped in the maximum security penitentiary that is Manhattan city. Listen in as Pat and the Fat Man talk incessantly about the slow pans, 80s music, people recognizing Snake but thinking he was dead, and the president getting shot over and over and over and over and over and over […]
  • Escape’ from New York Part 1 May 12, 2023
    Welcome to Manhattan, city of the future, the dystopian future that is. Marvel at the lack of utilities, the waste of a massive city, and cab drivers who have somehow been inside a maximum security prison from twenty years before it was built. Why did the U.S. decide to wall off Manhattan and use it […]
  • Patreon Sneak Peak 2023 March 31, 2023
    Welcome to a Patreon Sneak Peak where we give you access to one of our Patreon episodes for free here in the main feed. It's a PB&J Short of Season 3 Episodes 1&2 of the Mandalorian. Listen in to all the Patreon only goodness, free here now for your perusal. But if you want to […]
  • Red Dawn Part 7 March 13, 2023
    We made it! We made it to the gruesome and honestly very sad finale of the movie...we made it...hurray?!?! Listen in as Pat and Bruce break down the final fifteen minutes of the movie. The tragic ends of the two brothers, the heroic escape of the two survivors, the really quick and kinda slapdash outro, […]
  • Red Dawns Part 6 March 4, 2023
    Back to the Movies! Red Dawns Part 6 takes us into the cold winter months and the downfall of the Wolverines. We go over the gut punches that are the slow demise of the team and the dissolution of the group under heavy fire and heavy pressure. The movie continues to stay real, gritty, and […]
  • Sportsball Pre-Playoffs February 11, 2023
    Want to be able to talk about those sportsball teams during their big sportsball game? Well we've got the episode for you. I mean, it might not have the playoff information, but who needs that for the superb owl, am'i'right? Well, anyways, get to some sportsball listening and we'll catch you on the other side.
  • Whatever Else We Feel Like 2022 January 7, 2023
    It's been a while since we did a relatively random show, so here you go, random thoughts of the Patman and the Fatman as we close out 2022 (recorded on election night 2022). We cover briefly: sportsball, what we are watching currently (or at the time), politics, more sportsball, the space time continuum. All this […]