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  • The Sardlot – Part 1 October 23, 2023
    Pat and Bruce start their next fan chosen movie, The Sandlot. Out of all the baseball movies you could have picked, you picked The Sandlot, well cr&*, I guess we'll have to review it then. Strap in as Pat and Bruce spend the next hour talking about roughly 10 minutes of film time in this […]
  • Sportsball 2023 September 6, 2023
    Welcome to Sportsball 2023. As we head into the Sportsball season, or at least the portion of sportsball that we care about, we figured we'd give you a sportsball episode to chew on before we get to our new movie, The Sandlot. So sit back and listen in to Pat and the Fat Man pontificate […]
  • Escape from New York 3 August 14, 2023
    And now we come to the end of the movie, and you all are A number 1, Duke of New York for sticking with us over this past month because we have not posted a new episode since June. As we come to the close of the movie, the timer on Snake's wristwatch keeps going […]
  • Boozeball 2023 June 25, 2023
    Taking a break from the super ultra fast paced Escape from New York we are gonna talk about some baseball. New pitch clock, new hit clock, no shift, a minimum of one sacrifice per game, two beers chugged after you round 3rd, and so many more new things discussed in this episode of Pat and […]
  • Escapist from New York Part 2 June 4, 2023
    Snake Blitzen, Blitzken, still trapped in the maximum security penitentiary that is Manhattan city. Listen in as Pat and the Fat Man talk incessantly about the slow pans, 80s music, people recognizing Snake but thinking he was dead, and the president getting shot over and over and over and over and over and over […]
  • Escape’ from New York Part 1 May 12, 2023
    Welcome to Manhattan, city of the future, the dystopian future that is. Marvel at the lack of utilities, the waste of a massive city, and cab drivers who have somehow been inside a maximum security prison from twenty years before it was built. Why did the U.S. decide to wall off Manhattan and use it […]
  • Patreon Sneak Peak 2023 March 31, 2023
    Welcome to a Patreon Sneak Peak where we give you access to one of our Patreon episodes for free here in the main feed. It's a PB&J Short of Season 3 Episodes 1&2 of the Mandalorian. Listen in to all the Patreon only goodness, free here now for your perusal. But if you want to […]
  • Red Dawn Part 7 March 13, 2023
    We made it! We made it to the gruesome and honestly very sad finale of the movie...we made it...hurray?!?! Listen in as Pat and Bruce break down the final fifteen minutes of the movie. The tragic ends of the two brothers, the heroic escape of the two survivors, the really quick and kinda slapdash outro, […]
  • Red Dawns Part 6 March 4, 2023
    Back to the Movies! Red Dawns Part 6 takes us into the cold winter months and the downfall of the Wolverines. We go over the gut punches that are the slow demise of the team and the dissolution of the group under heavy fire and heavy pressure. The movie continues to stay real, gritty, and […]
  • Sportsball Pre-Playoffs February 11, 2023
    Want to be able to talk about those sportsball teams during their big sportsball game? Well we've got the episode for you. I mean, it might not have the playoff information, but who needs that for the superb owl, am'i'right? Well, anyways, get to some sportsball listening and we'll catch you on the other side.
  • Whatever Else We Feel Like 2022 January 7, 2023
    It's been a while since we did a relatively random show, so here you go, random thoughts of the Patman and the Fatman as we close out 2022 (recorded on election night 2022). We cover briefly: sportsball, what we are watching currently (or at the time), politics, more sportsball, the space time continuum. All this […]
  • Sportsball Weeks 9 through 12 December 17, 2022
    Bleep LSU. Bleep Bleep LSU. That's really all you need to know. Sportsball Week 9 to 12.
  • Sportsball 2022 Week 8-9 November 22, 2022
    Sportsball continues and the Aggie's and Brown's seasons are only getting worse as the teams begin to stack up impressive losing streaks not seen for decades...well not the Browns. The Cowboys continue on in heroic fashion while the Astros clutch the pennet and take it to the world series. Also a couple words about Hockey. […]
  • Redder Dawn Part 5 November 7, 2022
    We move from October into November and just like the bleakness of late fall, things start to get bleaker for our heroes. The addition of the Colonel brings some different feelings into the mix. The horrors of war and sieges are explored. Whether children should be fighting or acting as an insurgent sabotage force is […]
  • Sportsball 2022 Week 7 November 7, 2022
    Sportsball continues, and it continues to go downhill for both the Aggies and Browns, but fortunately uphill for the Cowboys and the Astros. Also downhill for Bruce's hockey Bruce is pretty sports unhappy right now, let's put it that way. Pat fully understands that being an Aggie fan means mostly being in pain all […]
  • Sportsball 2022 Week 6 October 23, 2022
    Two episodes in a week?!?!? What is going on, could it be that the stars have aligned between Pat, Bruce, and Che, our wonderful and gorgeous editor, and they can now crank these things out like wigets in a factory? Well, kind of, at least for the time being we are gonna ride this wave […]
  • Sportsball 2022 Weeks 1-5 October 18, 2022
    And just like that the leaves change colors, the weather gets cooler, and Pat and Bruce start talking about the sportsball. Our regularly scheduled movie programming will return, as we work in episodes around our stupendous coverages of College Football, the NFL, baseball, the NHL, and soccer, possibly even basketball if we want to go […]
  • Red Dawner Part 4 October 3, 2022
    Thank you everyone for continuing to listen to our Podcast. We know we've been out of it for a little while. Both Bruce and I got new jobs which made timing recordings difficult and then 4 of our recordings got deleted via technology. So, very frustratedly, we finally got this one down on the books. […]
  • Reddish Dawn Part 3 August 11, 2022
    September turns into October as the kids in the woods realize they can't go home, and not only that, but they are going to have to join the fight. It's more movie over analysis from Pat and Bruce in this episode of Pat and the Fat Man.
  • Red Dawns Part 2 June 15, 2022
    We move further into the story of these children who are forced to grow up fast as their town is attacked and taken by communist forces. We get to meet some of the villains, see how the kids deal with being on their own in the woods for a while, and get a glimpse of […]