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  • Reddish Dawn Part 3 August 11, 2022
    September turns into October as the kids in the woods realize they can't go home, and not only that, but they are going to have to join the fight. It's more movie over analysis from Pat and Bruce in this episode of Pat and the Fat Man.
  • Red Dawns Part 2 June 15, 2022
    We move further into the story of these children who are forced to grow up fast as their town is attacked and taken by communist forces. We get to meet some of the villains, see how the kids deal with being on their own in the woods for a while, and get a glimpse of […]
  • Red Drawn Part 1 May 14, 2022
    Per the request of one of our Patrons we have decided to review Red Dawn, the seminal Communist attack the US so a bunch of kids go into the woods and become a brigade of freedom fighters movie. Cause that's a common trope amongst the movies. So we dive head first into this stumbled into […]
  • The Big Lebowski Part 6 April 30, 2022
    The sixth and final installment of our comprehensive review of the cult classic film The Big Lebowski. You've journeyed with us this far through one of, naw the, most ridiculous movie of all time, lets bring this thing to a close. Tune in as we discuss the final confrontation between the Lebowski's, the crazy unfair […]
  • The Bigg Lebowski part 5 April 17, 2022
    As we close into the endgame of the Big Lebowski we see how much crazier things can get, and somehow, it keeps getting crazier. I mean seriously, how did we even get to this point. Who throws a man out of their cab because he doesn't like the Eagles? Seriously, who does that? Not Pat […]
  • 2022 Ohhhhhlympics! April 4, 2022
    Pat and Bruce review the 2022 Beijing Olympics. The good, the bad, the ugly, the cheaters, the liars, the haters, the hated, and everything in between. Also Why Do We Keep Having Olympics in China?!?!?! Anyways, last sports episode until sometime in the future....we promise.
  • 2021 NFL Football Roundup March 6, 2022
    Yes I am aware we are in the third month of 2022, but the 2021 football season strays into 2022 these days, plus like the month we need to actually record and get our recording to our editors. Either way, Bruce hated the Superbowl. I enjoyed it, but was saddened by the outcome. Sports newscasters […]
  • Patreon Preview – PB&J Shorts – WandaVision 1 February 24, 2022
    This Bi-Monthly episode is a look into what we have available on our Patreon. Patrons have access to two exclusive contents sets: Trailer Reviews and PB&J shorts. Trailer Reviews are just what they sound like - reviews of trailers for upcoming movies. PB&J Shorts are short form versions of our regular podcast where we do […]
  • The Big Lebrownsky – Part 4 January 30, 2022
    Back to the Movies we go. Where were we....oh right....the most ridiculous movie ever made, that somehow keeps getting more and more ridiculous from scene to scene. We've crossed the midpoint of the movie now and are entering to the rehash of each scene, but with the ridiculous taken to 11. Marmot in a bathtub […]
  • 2021 College Fooseball Season Roundup December 19, 2021
    And we're done, except for the playoffs, and bowl games, but you know, a lot of not caring about that is going on right now. This is the end of the regular season, not as great for Texas A&M as we would have liked, turned out to be something of a rebuilding year for the […]
  • 2021 College Footballs Week 6 to 8 December 4, 2021
    And back to the footballs! Been some rough times for the Aggies, Auburn, Razorbacks, Ohio State, and luckily also Texas. Basically college football has been super crazy this year, honestly even crazier than last year which is dang impressive. Only two teams left with a spotless score: Georgia and Cincinnati, so let's all hope that […]
  • The Brig Lebowski – Part 3 November 16, 2021
    Welcome back to the movies, we thought we'd take a break from the football and head back to the films, especially will the collapse of both the Browns and Texas A&M. I mean seriously what is going on in the NFL and the SEC West this year?!?!?! Jiminy Cricket!! Right then let's move on to […]
  • 2021 NFL Football part 1 October 23, 2021
    I honestly can't remember what weeks of football we covered exactly so I'm just saying Part 1. Listen on as Pat and Bruce discuss the performance of their favorite teams, The Browns and The Cowboys. And strangely enough it appears as if it might just be a good year for both teams, which is shocking […]
  • 2021 College Football Weeks 3, 4 & 5 October 23, 2021
    From the wreckage of the Colorado game to slightly raised hopes of the New Mexico game, to the horror that was the Arkansas game and the total bleep show that was the Mississippi State game, journey with Pat and Bruce through weeks 3, 4 and 5 of college football. Also a bunch of other teams […]
  • 2021 College Football Weeks 1 &2 October 6, 2021
    Welcome back to football baby! The good kind, that's played at colleges, and even though we are just about to see college football players being paid, still the kind where the players aren't paid. Wooo! Texas A&M came in with some high high hopes, game one was a little rough, game two was the beginning […]
  • The Big Lebrowski – Part 2 September 22, 2021
    Continuing our way through the mind bleep that is The Big Lebowski, Pat and Bruce stumble down the rabbit hole into weird and stranger scenes. Join us as we comfort the Big Lebowski in his hour of internal torment, as we meet the most interesting man in the bowling alley, The Jesus, as we see […]
  • 2020-1 Olympics and College Sports August 22, 2021
    The 2020 Olympics in 2021 is here. Listen in as Pat and Bruce provide overview coverage of the first week or so the summer Olympics. Opinions about swimmers, gymnasts, shooters, fencers, professionals, and the terrible coverage provided by NBC abound. Also, interesting news in the college sports arena, again about money, and what people are […]
  • The Big Lebowerski Part 1 August 9, 2021
    Welcome to another episode of Pat and the Fat Man where we are beginning our journey through the cult classic movie The Big Lebowski. Join us as we start at the low end of ridiculousness with writing a check for 69 cents to buy half and half, to fishing some glasses out of a toilet […]
  • 2021 Summer College Sports July 24, 2021
    Welcome to another episode of Pat and the Fat Man. A lot of stuff happened and are still happening in college sports this summer. Listen in as Pat and Bruce talk about the Supreme Court weighing in the NCAA's treatment of student athletes, college football playoffs, as well as what's ahead for A&M in the […]
  • Summer BBall July 10, 2021
    It's getting to be that time again! Time for the annual dragging of Bruce down to the river and forcing him to live in a van, you ask? No, time to start talking about sports again! As we emerge from the colder months....and also the springier months...we get to start talking about sports we care […]